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Pine Wood Flooring Restoration

Pine wood floorboard restoration projects form a reasonable number of the total floor restoration jobs we complete, with many of these being in domestic households in the South London area.

It’s safe to say that sanding pine floorboards make up for over half of the projects we carry out each year. Yes, some are tough and full of bitumen and / or paint, but nothing worthwhile is ever going to be easy and we can honestly say the results after sanding original pine floorboards are often nothing short of spectacular.

We’re regularly told by our customers that even after seeing our portfolio and being impressed, they never thought their old and sometimes damaged pine floorboards could end up looking so impressive. To their delight, they regularly let us know! We’ve even been told that our work has directly contributed to an uplift in the value of particular customers properties.

Here at Restore Floor Sanders, we personally just love the character these old pine floorboards have to offer, and so it would seem many others in the South London do too; the steadily increasing prices at reclamation yards also confirm this!

Pitch Pine Floor Sanding & Restoration

There’s no greater feeling when it comes to sanding as there is removing years of dust and bitumen to reveal those stunning long grains of pitch pine.

It is one of the most common type of floors we sand, never the less, a personal favourite all the same and restoration process is always a joy too. When stained, they look wonderful!

Why Choose Restore Floor Sanders

  • Friendly and polite staff

  • The best commercial lacquers used

  • Full public liability insurance

  • Vast experience sanding school floors

  • Latest floor sanding technology

  • Aftercare advice and guidance provided

Edwardian Pine Floor Sanding & Restoration

During the turn of the 20th century, inventions of new manufacturing techniques were in full swing. This meant the cost for elegant floors only affordable to the very wealthy, were now readily available to the middle-class.

It was a time of massive growth across the country. This lead to many new homes being built, which were purchased by new upcoming middle class citizen’s. Subsequently, they wanted to elaborate on their new found wealth and did this by having wooden floors installed in there new homes.

Thankfully many of those beautiful Edwardian floors still remain today, all eagerly waiting to be fully restored to their former glory

If you require any advice on sanding or restoring original pine wood flooring and you’re in the South London and Kent area,  please get in touch to book a free no obligation consultation.

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