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Floor Sanding Services

Wooden Floor Restoration

Restore Floor Sanders use the very best virtually dust-free machinery by leading experts Bona, Lagler & Festool. We’re able to carry out wooden floor restoration on all kinds of softwood, hardwood and even Bamboo flooring.

Our wooden floor restoation services also include; repair works, floor board replacement & block work re-gluing.

Once the wear layer of a floor has been checked as well as assessing the condition & species its time to determine the best choice of abrasive to start with. Most of the time this will be 36 grit. Sometimes its necessary to begin sanding at a 45 degree angle, this helps to level the floor better, and will also take out any cupping.

The floor will then be sanded with the grain using the same grade of abrasive. After this we move on to a medium grade abrasive, helping to smooth out any marks left from the previous process.

Wood Floor Restoration Services

The third part of the restoration process is carried out using a fine abrasive on the big machine. This leaves the surface of the wooden floor smooth to the touch and almost ready for finishing.

Finally, once all of the wood flooring has been vacuumed, we begin with the finishing sanding. For this we use a specialist multi disc plate, called the 4-D plate by Bona. Our team carefully go over the entire floor, checking every aspect of the process thoroughly. The purpose of using the multi disc plate is to provide and even scratch pattern over the floor. This will in turn prevent a the dreaded ‘halo’ effect around the perimeter when applying a finish. Not only that but the process closes the grain of the wood flooring making it even smoother.

Oak Floor Sanding

The results achievable through hiring professionals to restore and finish your oak hardwood floorboards can be nothing short of amazing!

Gap Filling

The first method we use takes fine sawdust taken from the actual floor. This is then mixed with Lecol or Blanchon epoxy resin to create a filler that will match your floor in colour.

Once our filler has the correct consistency, we spread over the entire surface. This will fill in all the gaps between boards along with any cracks and other blemishes. After drying, the filler is sanded flush with the rest of the floor, leaving a gap free surface.

Resin filling does improve insulation however it’s not without flaws. With dramatic changes in temperature and the natural movement of wood, resin filler can crack and fall through over time. For this reason we can not provide any guarantees when this method is used.

The second method we use are reclaimed Pine slivers. The slivers are purchased is a pre-cut wedge shape, which allows them to be tightly squeezed between the boards. We simply glue both sides of each individual sliver, followed by carefully securing them between each board. In our experience, we would say this is the best method for filling gaps both cosmetically and aesthetically.

Gap Filling Services - Restore Floor Sanders

Once the slivers are set, we can now begin leveling them. Occasionally the slivers will require planing down, this is usually done with a chisel or multi cutter. Now relatively flat we can begin sanding.

The third gap filling method is a product called DraughtEx. It’s a really simple idea, one that I personally think is great! It basically consists of squashing the product between the gaps using the application tool provided. Best of all, this is done once the floors are completed and better still you could even do it yourself!

Pine Floor Sanding

Restore your pine floorboards back to their former glory and finish your interior design with quality, hardwearing floorboards that will last a lifetime!

Staining Services

Unless using tinted Oils, we only use professional Light-fast stains by Morrells & Mylands. There’s many colours to choose from, which can be viewed from our colour charts. Stains can vary in colour from one species of wood to another. For example, some Oak floors have natural reddish grains and other Oaks being whiter in colour. The stain itself will also darken ever so slightly once lacquer is applied.

A few things we’d like to point out, floors that have been repaired using reclaimed timber can be especially very difficult to match unless stained. Without staining its not uncommon to see a variation in colour.

School Floor Sanding - School Exam Hall

Wooden Floor Finishing

Polyurethane lacquer is our most frequently used product. It has zero VOC,  very low odor and best of all it is water-based! Meaning it doesn’t take days to dry unlike older types of varnish. A fantastic product to use on all floor types, available in in a wide variety of sheen such as; Invisible, Ultra Matt,  Matt, Satin and Gloss. Our preferred products are by far Bona Mega, Loba and Junckers.

When finishing floors, we apply 3 good coats as standard. For commercial wood flooring, we apply a base coat followed by 2 coats of 2-part commercial lacquer.​For an Oil finish we highly recommend Floor Service 2K.! It’s a truly amazing product, that also comes with a hardener, meaning it will not require yearly top ups as found with other Oils. 2K Oil penetrates deep in to the heart of the wood, meaning it becomes part of  the floor, as apposed to a layer on top of the surface.

*All projects are completed with only the finest professional finishes guaranteed!

Wood Floor Finishing Solutions - Restore Floor Sanders

School Floor Sanding

Do your school floorboards need restoring back to their former glory? Contact Restore Floor Sanders today! We have extensive experience sanding and restoring wooden floors in schools across South London.

Flooring Maintenance

Ideally your floors require a Screen & Seal when they start to show signs of wear -usually found in high traffic areas, acting sooner rather than later will prevent any long term damage. If however your floor has deep scratches or grey patches, unfortunately it’s beyond a maintenance service and would require a complete re-sand.

The Screen & Seal process involves lightly keying the wooden floor using a buffing machine or by hand if necessary. The floor is then carefully vacuumed to remove all debris, followed by a fresh application of lacquer or oil (depending on the previous finish).

Wood Floor Restoration - Maintenance

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