So you’ve seen our stunning floors, now lets take a look at the equipment we use to create them!

Lagler Hummel

We’ve owned many belt and drum sanders while working in the floor sanding industry but none compare to the Lagler Hummel! Boasting a huge 2.2 K.W motor and a sanding speed of 2400 rpm, the Hummel gets our vote every time.

Sanding with this machine feels more like a pleasure than a chore. With it’s adjustable sanding pressure, the Hummel is tough enough for floors of the poorest condition, yet can be set delicate enough to leave a super finish. Best of all, it has exceptional dust extraction!

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Lagler Hummel

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Bona 1.9 Flexisand

Where do we begin with this incredible piece of kit!?

Another big investment for the company but I must say I’ve used many floor buffers in my time but none compare to this machine, it really is worlds apart.

The Flexisand uses an impressive 1.9 K.W motor, combined with the 4-D multi head plate and additional weights, it leaves a finish like no other.

Another great feature of this machine is it’s versatility, not only can it sand certain floors from start to finish, it can also buff between coats and apply Oil  -fantastic!

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Bona Flexisand

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Bona XL Edge

The Bona XL Edge, as you’d expect, is another fantastic product from the Bona range.

As with most of the machinery in floor sanding, we’ve tried and tested the majority and for us the Bona XL Edge has the ‘Edge’ on the competition.

An incredibly powerful little machine, with built in lights, adjustable wheels and great dust extraction.

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Bona Edge

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Festool Rotex 150mm

Where would any floor sander be without a Festool Rotex? Used to blend in the marks left behind from the edge sander, leaving a scratch free and even finish throughout.

Another powerful machine indeed, with the option of hard sanding and orbital sanding at the flick of a switch. It also has brilliant dust extraction too when used in conjunction with our Festool Midi vacuum.

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Festool Rotex

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Fein Cordless Multimaster

What an awesome little tool this is! The Fein Multimaster is a super little machine. It can be used for various tasks however we mostly use the Fein when carrying out Floorboard repairs and sanding corners and hard to reach areas.

The best thing about this machine, besides the incredible amount of power, has to be that it’s cordless. Projects with lots of corners take half the time using the Multimaster and as for cutting boards, no longer a chore.

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Fein Multimaster

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