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Floor Sanding South East London

& Kent

Restore Floor Sanders provide Outstanding Floor Sanding and Restoration Services all over South East London & Kent. When it comes to falling in love with your wooden floors all over again, our fully insured team, with over 15 years experience in Floor Sanding Restoration are the professionals who can help.

We offer a one-to-one service from start to finish, ensuring your project is carried out by the same person you meet during your initial consultation. While most of our Floor Sanding projects are in South East London & Kentwe’re happy to help home owners and commercial clients with larger projects in the surrounding home counties.

Fully Covered by AXA Public Liability Insurance

Hardwood Restoration

Hardwood Restoration can be an intricate process. The sheer variety of Hardwood flooring types, including; Oak, Maple strip Flooring and Teak Parquet Hardwood Floors, this popular classic floor presents many challenges when carrying out restoration.

Speak to Restore Floor Sanders about your Hardwood flooring project today!

Floorboard Sanding

Pine floorboards are often wrongly perceived as being cheap and of low quality but professional floorboard restoration can offer truly spectacular results on these classic wood floorboards.

Restore Floor Sanders have worked extensively over the years Restoring, Sanding and Finishing all types of  Floorboards.

Commercial Floor Sanding

Restore Floor Sanders are proud to have helped on a number of Commercial premises and businesses across South London and the surrounding areas to achieve amazing transformations following the application of our wood flooring restoration & finishing services!

Contact Restore Floor Sanders today to discuss your next Commercial Floor Sanding project. Our friendly experienced team look forward to hearing about your project.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some answers to questions we frequently get asked about the services we provide.

If, for whatever reason, your query isn’t addressed below, please don’t hesitate to contact Restore Floor Sanders

Lacquer vs Oil2018-11-26T14:08:06+00:00

Pro’s & Cons of Lacquer & Standard non 2k Oil;

-Lacquer is very hard wearing and if maintained properly will last a few years longer than Oil. Disadvantage: Very difficult to spot repair.

-Oil brings out the beauty of wood and is spot repairable.

Disadvantage: Standard Oil (not 2k Oil) will require yearly maintenance to keep it looking tip top.

Can Gaps In My Floor Be Filled?2018-03-20T23:30:26+00:00

Yes the size of the gaps and floor type will determine which method is used. Our team are experienced in using a number of highly effective gap filling techniques such as; Resin, Slivers, Draughtex or Gap Master.

Should My Room Be Clear Of Furniture?2018-03-20T23:32:03+00:00

Ideally yes.

Our prices are based on areas to be worked on being clear of furniture and other obstacles before the restoration process begins. We can however provide services for moving furniture, should this be make your life easier.

Please mention that you would like help with your furniture when discussing your project requirements.

How Long Does The Process Usually Take?2018-03-20T23:32:56+00:00

To sand and seal a 25m2 room would usually take a day to complete, providing the area is free of furniture in preparation for our team to come in and carry out the work.

Because all wood floor restoration jobs are different, this timeframe is given as an estimate only. To get a more specific estimated timeframe, based on the specifics of your requirements, please contact our team to discuss your project.

Should I Paint My Walls Before or After Sanding?2017-03-26T15:30:13+00:00

Although floors can be covered pretty simply during painting, the use of ladders and paint could all potentially cause damage to a wooden floor.

With this in mind, our recommendation is to paint your walls before spending money on wooden floor restoration and / or finishing.

Any minor damage or spills affecting your wood floorboards can be rectified by the team at Restore Floor Sanders during the floor sanding process.

Should I Paint Skirting Boards Before or After Floor Sanding?2019-04-23T13:47:08+00:00

As skirting boards can get marks from the edge sander and during the staining process, we suggest painting your skirting boards after your flooring project is complete.

Can Hardwood Flooring Be Sanded?2018-03-20T23:27:04+00:00

Sure! Hardwood flooring such as Oak, Maple, Beach etc look amazing when completed.

Be sure to check out the photographs of our recent work; we’ve tried to include pictures showing a wide variety of wood types in our portfolio.

If you have questions about your wood flooring, please contact us.

How Much Does Floor Sanding Cost?2018-03-20T23:34:14+00:00

The cost of any project varies depending on the condition, size, wood type and the finish required.

Reductions on larger commercial areas are always available when you choose Restore Floor Sanders.


Restore Floor Sanders have completed many floor Sanding & Restoration projects across South East London & Kent. Check out our latest work below;