Gap Filling

Resin Gap Filling

The first method we use is Resin Gap Filling. This uses fine sawdust from the actual floor, which  is then mixed with Lecol or Blanchon epoxy resin to create a filler that will match your floor in colour.

Once our filler has the correct consistency, we spread over the entire surface. This will fill in all the gaps between boards along with any other cracks and blemishes.

Resin filling does improve insulation however it’s not without flaws. With dramatic changes in temperature and the natural movement of wood, resin filler can crack and fall through over time.

Wood Floor Restoration Services


The third gap filling method is a product called Draughtex. It’s a really simple idea, one that I personally think is great! It basically consists of squashing the product between the gaps using the application tool provided.

Wood Floor Restoration Services
Wood Floor Restoration Services

Pine Slivers

The second method uses reclaimed Pine slivers. The slivers are purchased is a pre-cut wedge, ranging from 6,8,10 & 12mm thick. In our experience, we would say the sliver method is one of the best for filling gaps both cosmetically & aesthetically.

Bona Gap Master

Last but certainly not least, we have Bona Gap Master! Gap Master is a flexible acrylic mastic, meaning it wont shrink or crack and best of all it will expand and retract with the boards during climate change. Although not the cheapest method of gap filling, it certainly is the best!

Wood Floor Restoration Services


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