Parquet Floor Sanding & Restoration

Sanding Parquet flooring  is most definitely a job for a professional floor sanding company. Many sanders today still debate which method of restoration is best suited to this elegant type of wood flooring. As the grains of the parquet blocks are laid in multiple directions, it is not possible to ‘sand with the grain’ as you would normally -this is where the debates start!

Many flooring professionals will argue you should sand a herringbone pattern diagonally, which is incorrect. Sanding herringbone using a diagonal method will sand with the direction of the grain in one direction, yet completely against it on the other, making scratches left by the machine difficult to remove. This method also tends to over sand the floor, as well as leaving ‘dishes’ (small uneven marks due to over sanding).

So which method do we use?

All will be revealed during our initial consultation, however rest assured, we can achieve a perfectly flat and scratch-free Parquet floor every time!

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