Project Description

Floor Sanding Bromley

We were delighted to take part in the Floor Sanding and Finishing on this lovely Oak flooring in Bromley. Upon visiting our client to assess the floors, it was clear they had naturally worn over time, due to general wear and tear and lots of cleaning.

During our appointment, our clients expressed their desire to achieve a completely Black floor, with no Browns or Ebony colours showing through (a difficult task with traditional staining methods).

After showing numerous samples, it was clear a different product was required! So we went away and spoke to various suppliers and stockists, until we were fortunate enough to find Tover! A specialist, hybrid Lacquer/Paint, offering a completely Black finish, while still showing grains and textures  of the timber.

After taking our pre-made sample back to the clients, they were delighted with it and eager to book in as soon as possible.

Please see the result for yourselves!